Bamboo straws
for horeca


What would be the sign that a bar or a restaurant is environmentally concerned?
What if your customer could show your branded straw everywhere they go?
The bamboo straw is a detail that leads to great awareness.
We are convinced that your branded straw can bring change in your customer communities
while letting them know that you are eco-friendly.



Hotels are for comfort and peace. It’s a place where you can feel right at home. But what if it could be more than that? What if your customers felt enthusiastic about your commitment to the environment, making them proud to support you? Your branded bamboo straws could be used in your restaurants or bars, or even put in every room as a gift. Tell us about your vision for your straws, and we’ll take care of the rest.



Don’t need to wash it, just sell it…!
A cocktail is always refreshing before eating a tasty lunch or a copious diner. We provide displays with the quantity, the size  and even your brand on any bamboo straws that you want…
Contact us: we have a tailor-made solution for you.


Bring eco to boho…! Bamboo straws is not an alternative anymore, it is the new straw. Give the opportunity to your clients to drink their cocktail and long drinks with bamboo straws by selling it directly at your bar. We can provide displays for any quantity and any size of your own branded straws.
Contact us: we have a tailor-made solution for you.


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hotel, bar or restaurant!

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